Northern California’s KPX Karting Championship Recognized as First New Official IKF Region in North America

December 3, 2018

The International Karting Federation (IKF) today confirmed that beginning in 2019, the KPX Karting Championship will be officially designated as the IKF’s Northern California region. The move comes in recognition of a tremendous track record of KPX promoting and conducting successful karting racing events in the area, and their unbridled passion and commitment for the sport.

“Really, if I could custom tailor the perfect regional candidate — KPX would be it,” exclaimed IKF’s Tom Kutscher. “There are arguably no group of guys more committed to growing karting in California than KPX. Kenny and Chris are true ambassadors of the sport and their passion shows in everything they do.”As part of IKF, KPX Karting Championship will not only be sanctioned and backed by the IKF, but will also work with other IKF regions in the country to help promote bigger and more successful collaborative events for everyone.

As part of the revitalization process of the IKF, the organization will be appointing new regions throughout the country, beginning with Northern California. It’s the genesis of big things to come from the longtime sanctioning body, after years of uncertainty and turmoil.

“IKF, without proper leadership, are just three more letters on an entry form,” explained KPX’s candid Kenny Manchester. “Sure, there’s history. But it’s the future of the organization that offers any value for today’s racer. As part of our affiliation, we’re working hard to come up with new ways to bring more value to our local customers. One idea being considered are super races, where other IKF regions come to our neck of the woods, and vice versa, for a seasonal shootout.”

While details of any joint event are still being finalized, what’s confirmed today is the mutual enthusiasm between IKF and KPX in launching their joint initiative.

“KPX took on the 2018 IKF GrandNationals on very short notice,” elaborated IKF’s Tom Kutscher. “By anyone’s scorecard, they knocked it out of the park. What they did …with what little time they had— it was a true success. I’m excited to see what the future holds and to see what they can do with some real lead time.”

2019 KPX Karting Championship Schedule:

March 16-17
April 27-28
May 18-19
June 22-23
July 27-28
August 24-25