The International Kart Federation was the first kart racing organization and sanctioning body in the United States, founded in 1957.

Today, the International Kart Federation publishes rules for competition with the same objectives the Federation was originally founded on:

  • Fostering strong and fair competition
  • Providing reasonable rules for the various types of karting competition
  • Administering the competition programs with impartiality
  • Reducing the hazards associated with this sport

Entrants, drivers, and participants are required to be fully conversant with these regulations and any supplementary rules or instructions governing an event. By reason of their entry therein, racers are bound by such regulations when competing at an IKF sanctioned event.

It is the duty of every IKF member to conduct themselves in a manner that shall not be prejudicial to the Federation, nor bring unnecessary criticism to the organization. IKF is the vital link between producing rules and regulations of competition, and communicating this process to all facets of the sport. We aim to protect the outstanding safety record of karting, and to maintain the integrity of the sport.

Many children/young adults use karting as a stepping stone into other forms of racing, and it is our great pleasure to have a small role in this.