THE “DUFFY” Karting’s Highest Award

Each year, hundreds of karters compete at the I.K.F.’s Grand National events in hopes of winning and being deemed champion. Along with this most prestigious title, each driver is after the most coveted trophy in karting, the “Duffy.”

Prior to 1976, each Grand National Champion received a TV set or an original placcard as their award. At the 1976 April rules meeting, the I.K.F. Board of Directors administrative director Bob Graham presented the board members with a model of the 12 inch solid bronze statuette. The designer of the original figure was artist Pete Millar.

The Board Members agreed that karting needed some sort of “grand prize” to present to each Grand National Champion; something that was out of the ordinary and unique. Most karters received many trophies each year for participating in local or regional races. The vote was taken and the statuette was presented for the first time at the 1976 I.K.F. Grand Nationals.

From 1976 to 1981, it was known as the “Joe Karter” award. At the January 1981 IKF board meeting, president John Strauser called for the board’s vote to honor a man who, just the month before, had retired from the I.K.F. This well known gentleman had been active in karting as a driver, mechanic, board member, and past president.

His name: Frank “Duffy” Livingstone.

President Strauser made the announcement, that henceforth, the statuette was to be known as the “Duffy.” Today the legend lives on and the trophy is still one of the most sought after for any kart racer.