The 2019 Sprint GrandNationals

IKF Duffy TrophyThe ‘Duffy’ is the most prestigious trophy in grassroots kart racing, and once a year the International Kart Federation holds its annual IKF Sprint GrandNationals. The names who call themselves Duffy winners are a who’s who of motorsports and the distinction of being an IKF national champion solidifies any racer’s legacy in the sport.

When:  September 20-22, 2019

Where:  Pat’s Acres Racing Complex

Event Schedule:  TBD



Event Format

  • Friday – Practice, ending the day with Qualifying.
  • Saturday – Morning warm-Up and 3 Heats.
    [Progressive]  You will start each heat based on previous finish, post penalties and tech.
  • Sunday – Finals
    You will start the final based on finish in Heat 3, post penalties and tech.



$475 – Race Entry with (1) Set of Evinco Race Tires.

  • Classes on Blues required to use (1) Set for duration of event.
  • Kid Karts have the option of buying new Evinco Blues or race with USED Blues.
  • Classes on Reds have the option of adding another set.
    • Can purchase 2nd set during Pre-Reg for $200
    • Can purchase 2nd set onsite for retail $222

$25 – Transponder Rental

Spectator Pricing TBA


Race Classes

KA100 Junior (11-15*)

  • IAME KA100 / 320 lbs  +22mm Factory Header
    Rok VLR / 320 lbs +Factory Headerz
  • Evinco Blue (7.10 R)
  • #800-899

KA100 Senior (14+)

  • IAME KA100 / 360 lbs
    Rok VLR / 360 lbs
  • Evinco Blue (7.10 R)
  • #900-999

LO206 Cadet (8-12*)

  • Briggs LO206 / 240 lbs Blue Slide
  • Evinco Blue
  • #200-299

LO206 Junior (12-15*)

  • Briggs LO206 / 310 lbs Black Slide
  • Evinco Blue (6.0 R)
  • #400-499

LO206 Senior (14+)

  • Briggs LO206 / 360 lbs
  • Evinco Blue (6.0 R)
  • #600-699

LO206 Master** (30+)

  • Briggs LO206 / 390 lbs
  • Evinco Blue (6.0 R)
  • #800-899

TaG Light (15+)

  • IAME X30 / 365 lbs
    PRD Galaxy / 350 lbs
    Rotax Evo / 375 lbs
    RoK GP / 380 lbs
    Leopard / 360 lbs
  • Evinco Red
  • #300-399

TaG Heavy (15+)

  • IAME X30 / 395 lbs
    PRD Galaxy / 380 lbs
    Rotax Evo / 405 lbs
    RoK GP / 410 lbs
    Leopard / 390 lbs
  • Evinco Red
  • #500-599

Kid Kart** (5-8)

  • Honda GXH50 / 160lbs
  • Evinco Blues (4.60) Used tires ok
    (see Dalton about a low cost used set)
  • #10-99

World Formula Master** (45+)

  • WF / 390lbs
  • Evinco Blue (6.0 R)
  • #700-799

You will pick your race number from the available list of kart numbers in each class when you enter.  All karts must be number compliant.

*All drivers 12yo and under must wear a Neck brace & SFI-approved chest protector.
**Important Note:  These classes are time sensitive additions.  This class must reach 10 entries in 14 days or it may be dropped from the schedule.


Race Fuel

  • LO206, Rotax: Pump gas to be purchased PARC Acre’s.
  • All other 2-stroke classes: VP C12 or K&S 110 with Motul 2T .  Can bring your own but C12 will be available from PARC.
  • Use of unauthorized/specified fuel or oil will result in exclusion from event with no appeal. Fuel tests may be conducted at any time during event. Failure to provide a requested sample will result in immediate exclusion from event with no recourse.


Tire Information

  • ALL event tires are Evinco.
  • Classes running BLUE must use same tires for duration of event.
  • Classes running RED may use new tires on second day, but it is not required.
  • Rain tires must be MG only.


Pat’s Acres

Pat’s Acres Racing Complex (PARC) was built in the 1930’s by Pat Sabin as a spot for his employees to enjoy with their families. The Pavillion started out as a music hall that hosted big names like the Mama’s & Papa’s, Paul Revere & the Raiders and Eric Clapton. Then, in 1967, Harry Hegar installed a little over a half mile paved sprint track. Pat’s Acres has hosted some of the biggest karting races in North America through the 1990’s and early 2000’s which created the opportunity to add a ‘long track’ section, extending the full course to just under a mile long.

2018 IKF GrandNationals Highlights