The 2020 Sprint GrandNationals presented by RLV

IKF Duffy TrophyThe ‘Duffy’ is the most prestigious trophy in grassroots kart racing, and once a year the International Kart Federation holds its annual IKF Sprint GrandNationals. The names who call themselves Duffy winners are a who’s who of motorsports and the distinction of being an IKF national champion solidifies any racer’s legacy in the sport.

NEW DATE:  October 23-25, 2020

NEW VENUE:  Santa Maria Karting Association (Layout K – Nats)





Important Event Updates

  • KA MASTER CANCELLED – due to very low interest in this class, we’ve cancelled this class for this event. A new schedule will be released shortly.
  • This event falls under the category of  “Professional Sports Without Audiences” for Santa Barbara county, due to Covid 19 guidelines. Therefore, all attendees must be part of a driver’s crew, team, family, or an IKF/SMKA Event Staffer or authorized vendor. Everyone must also follow the local, state and national regulations regarding SOCIAL DISTANCING, FACE COVERINGS, AND SANITIZING – or risk being ejected from the event.
  • AIRPORT PROPERTY RULES:  Motorized vehicles — scooters, mini-bikes, golf karts, etc — are NOT allowed at any time during this event, per airport rules (other than IKF staff vehicles, emergency vehicles,  and those with official handicapped placards). Bicycles may only be allowed for engine builders with an event-specific IKF pass. Passes are requested for and approved at registration. Pets are allowed, but must be kept inside trailers & RVs or on a leash/in their own pit area only. Pets are not allowed on restricted airport property and access roads. All vehicles, trailers and campers must be outside the main gates by Sunday night at 9pm.
  • EVENT PHOTOGRAPHER: Studio52 is our exclusive photographer for this event. Pre-Order your photos online to receive nightly downloads of digital files in several different photo packages.
  • $3000 CASH KA100 SR – An anonymous donor has provided a $3000 cash purse for the winner of KA100 SR!!!
  • TEAM TIRES – Monday Oct 19th is the deadline for Team Tire orders for delivery at the event as trailer loading will be complete on Tuesday.


Event Format

  • Thursday – Move-In, Reg/Tires Happy Hours
  • Friday – Official Practice, ending the day with Qualifying.
  • Saturday – Morning Warm-Up and 3 Heats.
    [Progressive]  You will start each heat based on previous finish, post penalties and tech.
  • Sunday – Morning Warm-Up and Finals
    You will start the final based on finish in Heat 3, post penalties and tech.

Event Hours

  • Thursday – 9am-6pm Move-in // Reg & Tire Desks Open 3-6pm // 9pm Curfew/Gates Locked
  • Friday – 6:30am Gates/Reg Open // 4:30pm Reg Closes // 9pm Curfew/Gates Locked
  • Sat/Sun – 7:00am Gates/Reg Open // 9pm Curfew/Gates Locked
  • Quiet time for all overnight campers – 9pm to 6am

Pre-Event Practice

There will not be a Thursday practice available for this event.   There is a CCKRA Champs Race the weekend prior to the Sprint Grands.



$475 – Race Entry with (1) Set of Evinco Race Tires.

$25 – Transponder Rental
$50 – Walk-Up Fee

Spectator Pricing

$35 – Event Pass
$25 – 2 Day Pit Pass
$15 – 1 Day Pit Pass


Race Classes

IAME Engines will use current SKUSA Rules.

Micro Swift (7-10*)

  • IAME Mini Swift 60 / 225 lbs +16mm factory header
  • NEW Evinco Blue
  • #10-99
The Micro Swift class was added at the request of several parents and teams. As such, we have all agreed that if we cannot get 12 entries in 7 days (by Oct 9), we will drop the class and provide complete refunds.

Mini Swift (9-13*)

  • IAME Mini Swift 60 / 245 lbs
  • NEW Evinco Blue
  • #100-199

LO206 Cadet (7-13*)

  • Briggs LO206 / 240 lbs Blue Slide
  • NEW Evinco Blue
  • #200-299

KA100 Junior (11-15*)

  • IAME KA100 / 320 lbs  +22mm Factory Header
    This class is IAME KA100 only
  • NEW Evinco Blue (7.10 R)
  • #800-899

LO206 Junior (11-15*)

  • Briggs LO206 / 310 lbs Black Slide
  • NEW Evinco Blue (6.0 R)
  • #400-499

KA100 Senior (14+)

  • IAME KA100 / 360 lbs
    Rok VLR / 360 lbs
  • NEW Evinco Blue (7.10 R)
  • #900-999

LO206 Senior (14+)

  • Briggs LO206 / 360 lbs
  • NEW Evinco Blue (6.0 R)
  • #600-699

KA100 Master (30+)

  • IAME KA100 / 390 lbs
    Rok VLR / 390 lbs
  • NEW Evinco Blue (7.10 R)
  • #200-299

LO206 Master (30+)

  • Briggs LO206 / 390 lbs
  • NEW Evinco Blue (6.0 R)
  • #800-899 #300-399

You will pick your race number from the available list of kart numbers in each class when you enter.  All karts must be number compliant.

*All drivers 12yo and under must wear a Neck brace & SFI-approved chest protector.


Race Fuel

  • LO206: 87 octane / Mobile Gas Station / 2404 S. Broadway, Santa Maria
  • All other 2-stroke classes:  MS98 and Elf HTX 909 .  Must bring your own MS98, IKF will have a limited supply of Elf Oil on hand.
  • Use of unauthorized/specified fuel or oil will result in exclusion from event with no appeal. Fuel tests may be conducted at any time during event. Failure to provide a requested sample will result in immediate exclusion from event with no recourse.


Tire Information

  • ALL event tires are Evinco, including practice.
  • All classes must use same tires for duration of event (all competition sessions).
  • Rain tires must be MG only.


Minimum Entries

If any class doesn’t get at least 10 pre-entries by October 12, we may drop it from the schedule. Please do yourselves a favor and don’t wait to enter – if everyone waits to see who enters, inevitably nobody will. You will be given a FULL refund if we drop any classes.


Event Sponsors

Please Contact if you are interested in Sponsoring the 2020 Sprint GrandNationals


RLV Tuned Exhaust, Inc.


KA100 Senior Sponsor Nash Motorsportz

LO206 Cadet Sponsor Colę Nelson Racing


LO206 Junior Sponsor Prairie City Kart Track


Micro Swift Sponsor P1 Engines

Mini Swift Sponsor Siggy’s Carpet Cleaning


KA100 Junior Sponsor PKS Kart Supplies


KA100 Master Sponsor Cambrian Go-Karts


LO206 Senior & LO206 Master Sponsor Briggs Racing


Event Photographer

Studio52 is our exclusive photographer for this event. Pre-Order your photos online to receive nightly downloads of digital files in several different photo packages.


Pitting & Camping

Open Now!


Venue/Date Change Info

We received official word on September 10th that unfortunately, Prairie City Kart Track would not be able to host any events in October.  We are hopeful that they can resume full operations ASAP and we look forward to working with them in the near future.  As such a new venue needed to be secured and Santa Maria Karting Association was able to quickly confirm they could accommodate us.  Due to some regulatory paperwork that needed to be submitted to the county, we had to push the date back a couple of weeks.  This also allows us some time to re-staff the event, but also allows you ample time to secure accommodations and otherwise make plans around these changes.


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