Add Sections 114.1.5 / 114.1.6 to the 2017 IKF Rulebook

June 8, 2017

Section 114.1.5 Social Media: Occasional differences of opinion may arise regarding IKF rules and regulations, decisions by event officials, or event policies. However, communication and discussion of these differences must be handled directly between the IKF, and their official and the parties involved. Publishing and discussing these differences on social media sites (such as Facebook or Twitter) may result in disciplinary action including loss of ability to participate in IKF events.

Section 114.1.6 Threat of Legal Action: Any competitor, parent, legal guardian, or general participant of an event that threatens or takes legal action via an attorney against IKF or any of its members, board members, officers, event participants, will be ejected from the event and suspended from further participation in IKF sanctioned events.