Technical Bulletins

Note: These PDF's are to determine basic component dimensions and weights not posted in Section 675 Chart. In the event of conflicting specifications the Section 675 Chart's specifications take precedence.


(05-07-09) TaG Leopard Engine Specifications

(06-02-09) Gazelle 60cc engine specifications

(07-06-09) ROKTT Engine Specifications

(07-14-09) Gazelle and mini-swift pistons information

(10-08-09) TaG PRD Engine Specifications

(12-17-09) Tag Motori 7 Engine Specifications

(03-28-11) TaG My09 Leopard Engine Specifications

(01-23-14) PRD Controlled updates (Tech bulletins 18,19, 20)

(02-12-14) Parilla X30 125cc RL-C TaG

(01-27-15) 2015 PRD 125cc Controlled TaG Rules & Addendums

(02-25-15) 2015 PRD 125cc Controlled TaG Rules & Addendums Revised

(04-06-16) 2016 X125T 125cc Tag technical information

(05-24-16) 2016 IKF Wing Kart Rules


Note: These PDF's are for Honda Kid Kart Rules and Updates


(06-22-15) Honda Kid Kart GXH50 Class Information


Section 102.2.1 Rule Change Enactment

Rules go into effect 30 days after being posted on the IKF Website.


2016 Rule Updates



Sections 104.17.2 – 104.17.8 Suspend for 2017.
(No Grand National punches and waivers are required in any division for 2017.)



Change to read: Section Head Gear

Snell Foundation Specifications Legal Until
M 2010 12/20/2021 Not approved for Champ Karts
SA/K 2010 12/20/2021
CM 2016 12/20/2026
K 2015 12/20/2026
M 2015 12/20/2026 Not approved for Champ Karts
SA 2015 12/20/2026
Note: All models of Snell 2000 and 2005 Helmets are no longer legal.

SFI Specifications Legal Until
24.1/2010 (youth helmet) 12/20/2021
31.1/2010 12/20/2021
41.1/2010 12/20/2021 Not approved for Champ karts
24.1/2013 (youth helmet) 12/20/2024
31.1/2013 12/20/2024
41.1/2013 12/20/2024 Not approved for Champ karts
Note: All models of SFI specification helmets prior to 2010 are no longer legal.



Section 110.2.3 Local Option Class Guidelines
Change to read: Opting not to follow the National Tire or weight guidelines does not require Local Option permission.



Section 115.4.2 Current Experts in 2 Cycle Sprint

Add: Grayson Browne

Section 209 4 Cycle Sprint National Championship Classes
Class #3 Junior I Briggs Gas Animal Medium
Class #7 Briggs Animal Medium
Class #10 Briggs Gas Animal Heavy


Section 209 4 Cycle Sprint National Championship Classes
Class #3 Junior I LO206 Attained Age 7-11 235# Section 721 w/Blue Slide
Class #7 Junior II LO206 12-15 310# Section 721 w/Black Slide
Class #10 Senior LO206 16+ 360# Section 721 w/Black Slide
Class #15 Masters LO206 40+ 390# Section 721 w/Black Slide



Section 275.5.1 IKF TaG Cadet Class

Change to read:

For ages 8-13. Local/Regional racing only.

Rotax Minimax 260#

Vortex Mini Rok 245#

IAME Mini Swift 245#



Add: Section 617.2.8 KT100 Blowdown Checking Procedure for Yamaha Engines.

1: By a careful visual inspection, identify the highest exhaust port and the highest transfer port.
2: Using the Lad tool, zero the dial indicator on the highest exhaust port, taking care to hold the shaft of the tool against the cylinder wall. Refer to Section 602.2.4 for Lad Tool Usage.
3: Roll the crankshaft backwards five turns (.500" on the dial indicator).
4: Insert the Lad tool into the highest transfer port, holding the shaft of the tool against the cylinder wall.
5: Roll the crankshaft forward until the piston stops on the Lad tool and note the value.
6: The value must be between .380" and .420" to be considered legal.
7: Engine to be checked as raced.



Section 721.5:

Add: hrottle cable cap on the top of the carburetor must be properly installed and secured in the fully tight position. Juniors with restrictor slides must have secured throttle cap locking device from BRIGGS on carb.



Section 721.9.1:

Add: Rocker arm must be stock B&S part #555711 (US) or #797443 (METRIC) and may not be altered in any way. BRIGGS LOGO must be present.



Section 721.13:

Add: Rocker studs must be stock, unaltered B&S part # 694544 US (1/4-28 thread) or #797441 Metric (M8x1.00 thread) and in stock location.

Rocker arm #555711 (US) must be used with rocker stud #694544 (US)

Rocker arm #797443 (Metric) must be used with rocker stud #797441 (Metric)



Section 721.16 Valve Springs: Change to read:
Stock B&S valve springs and keepers are mandatory.
Springs must remain unaltered as supplied from the factory.
Valve Springs are a single coil stock, unaltered B&S part # 26826.
Must be identical in appearance to factory part and have 4.00 to 4.75 coils in stack.
Aftermarket spring with higher spring rate will result in damage to the camshaft.



Section 721.22 Cylinder and Side Cover: Change to read:
Unaltered seal must be in place.
No alterations or welding are allowed to any component.
A factory fastener change may be present on the side cover of some new 206 engines.
A new SEMS fastener with an integrated washer on the SEMS fastener may be present.


Section 850.2 4 Cycle Sprint Regional Classes
Junior I Briggs Gas Animal Medium Attained Age 7-11 250#
Briggs Animal Medium 16+ 335#
Briggs Gas Animal Heavy 16+ 370#


Section 850.8 TaG Regional Classes:
Add: Micro Swift 60cc Electric Start Exhaust Manifold Part #A85365 16mm Maximum Exhaust Header

Attained Age 7-10 225#