Technical Bulletins

Note: These PDF's are to determine basic component dimensions and weights not posted in Section 675 Chart. In the event of conflicting specifications the Section 675 Chart's specifications take precedence.


(05-07-09) TaG Leopard Engine Specifications

(06-02-09) Gazelle 60cc engine specifications

(07-06-09) ROKTT Engine Specifications

(07-14-09) Gazelle and mini-swift pistons information

(10-08-09) TaG PRD Engine Specifications

(12-17-09) Tag Motori 7 Engine Specifications

(03-28-11) TaG My09 Leopard Engine Specifications


(01-23-14) PRD Controlled updates (Tech bulletins 18,19, 20)

(02-12-14) Parilla X30 125cc RL-C TaG


Note: These PDF's are for Honda Kid Kart Rules and Updates


(01-29-14) Honda kid kart GXH50 Class Information


Section 102.2.1 Rule Change Enactment

Rules go into effect 30 days after being posted on the IKF Website.


2014 Rule Updates


Posted 08/29/2014

Section 110.12 Water Drinking Before Scales

Add: If authorized by the Race Director beforehand, drinking water from a clear plastic bottle (maximum 500ml) is allowed in the scale area before weighing. Any competitor that pours the water over their head or driving equipment may be penalized.


Posted 08/20/2014

Section 115.4.4

Add: Jeremy Clearwater - Eric Vanderploeg


Posted 08/20/2014

Section 115.4.5

Add: Justin Hanson & Kyle Heitz


Posted 08/20/2014

Section 115.4.6

Jimmy Abell


Posted 03/12/2014

Section 209

Class #11 Briggs Gas Animal Masters

Change to read: Engine Type: Animal (718)


Posted 03/14/2014

Sections 212.4, 213.4, 258.4 Official Schedules

Day 1

Rookie Comer 80

IKF TaG Junior


Formula 80 Masters

Junior I Briggs Gas Animal Light

Junior II Briggs Gas Animal

Briggs Gas Animal Heavy

IKF Briggs World Formula Medium


Day 2

Kid Kart Light

KPV 1 Heavy

KPV 2 Junior

IKF TaG Masters

Formula 80 Senior

Junior I Briggs Gas Animal Heavy

Junior II Gas Animal Heavy

Briggs Animal Medium

IKF Briggs World Formula Heavy


Day 3

Kid Kart Honda

KPV 1 Cadet

IKF TaG Cadet

KPV 2 Heavy

Super Sportsman

Super Stock CR125 Heavy

Junior II Briggs World Formula

Briggs LO206

Briggs Gas Animal

IKF Briggs World Formula Masters


Day 4

Kid Kart

Junior l

Rookie Sportsman

Jr. Super Sportsman

Super Sportsman Heavy

Super Stock CR125 Light

Briggs LO206 Junior II

Briggs Gas Animal Masters

IKF Briggs World Formula Super Heavy


Posted 03/12/2014

Section 403

Class #14 Briggs LO206 Masters

Change to read: Engine Type: Section 721


Posted 3/14/2014

Section 404.4 Official Schedule

Tuesday, August 12

Junior I Light

Yamaha KT100S Light

Senior Sportsman

Open Midget

Kid Kart 5-7 150# Exhibition


Wednesday, August 13

Junior I Heavy

Yamaha KT100S LTD

100cc Super Stock Heavy

Super Stock Midget


Thursday, August 14

Junior II Light

Yamaha KT100S Heavy


Super Sportsman

Sportsman Midget KT100S L-2 Pipe 16+


Friday, August 15

Junior II Heavy

Yamaha KT100S LTD Heavy 370# 16+

100cc Super Stock Light

200cc Stock

Junior Midget


Saturday, August 16 - Rain Date

No Official Practice for the event.

8pm Feature time all days.


Posted 03/05/2014

Section 405.4 Official Schedule


Day One - Wednesday, July 16th
Briggs Masters LO206                        Weight 360  age 35 and up
Briggs Junior I Light                            Weight  235
Briggs Junior II Light                           Weight 285
Briggs Stock Medium                          Weight 345
Putt Putt (Local Option)                      Trophy only no Duffy
Briggs Junior I Heavy                          Weight 270
Briggs Junior II Heavy                         Weight 320
Briggs Stock Heavy                             Weight 370


Day Two - Thursday, July 17th

Briggs Animal Blue Wazoom Hvy     Weight 370
Junior I Light Clone                             Weight 235
Junior II Light Clone                            Weight 285
Adult Medium Clone                           Weight 345
Putt Putt (Local Option)                      Trophy only no Duffy
Junior 1 Heavy Clone                          Weight 270
Junior II Heavy Clone                          Weight 320
Adult Heavy Clone                              Weight 370


Day Three - Friday, July 18th

Silver Crown Adult Briggs Animal*    Weight 360
*Must have earned a Duffy in an Adult Class to enter.
Briggs Animal Junior I Light                Weight 235
Briggs Animal Junior II Light               Weight 285
Briggs Animal Medium                       Weight 345
Briggs Animal Sportsman                   Weight 360
Briggs Animal Junior I Heavy              Weight 270
Briggs Animal Junior II Heavy             Weight 320
Briggs Animal Heavy                          Weight 370


Posted 06/24/2014

Section 410.14.2.2 - Open 2-Cycle

Add: Stock 250cc Shifter 560 lbs.

Entrant must provide engine documents with technical specifications to the

Tech Director if requested.


Posted 09/25/2014

Section 622.6 Carburetor

Add: 7.0 Tillotson HL395 carburetor approved for the class. All HL166 specifications apply.

This carburetor comes without choke assembly or stop pin.


Posted 05/23/2014

Section 622.8 Ignition - Rookie Comer K80

Add: New Selettra ignition is approved with a 5 pound increase in the posted weight.

Shroud will be identified with a sticker handed out at Tech, with the responsibility of

the competitor to display on the engine shroud.


Posted 09/25/2014

Section 651.10

Add: Hegar 4 Electric Start Kit allowed in all classes utilizing Honda CR125 engines.

Kit must be run as supplied with no modification.


Posted 11/13/2014

Section 700.3.1

Change to read: The restrictor plate is available from your local kart shop and manufactured

by Target Distributing. See Section 209 and 403 for appropriate class restrictor.


Posted 11/13/2014

Section 700.3.7.1

Change to read: Restrictors must be run as manufactured by Target Distributing.

No alteration of any kind.


Posted 04/02/2014

Section 719.16 Rocker Arms

Change to read: Stock Animal or World Formula rocker arms only - no modifications allowed.

Minimum length 2.850".


Posted 03/14/2014

Section 721.7.4

Add: Briggs & Stratton Vent Kit #555688 NOT ALLOWED.


Posted 05/29/2014

IKF Rule Update – Section 722 (A COMPLETE RE-WRITING OF RULES)



These rules describe the specifications of Clone Class Engines. All parts must be factory production parts unless otherwise specified. No machining or alteration of parts is permitted unless specifically noted. All parts are subject to be compared to known stock parts. No reading in between the lines. If it is not in the rules, then it must remain stock.


722.1 Clutches:   Any dry clutch is allowed, applies to all classes


722.2 Fuel:   87 Octane pump gasoline only.


722.3 Fuel Tank:   Must be floor mounted.


722.4 Carburetor:   Huayi or Ruxing type carb only. Choke assembly must be in place and functional.
722.4.1 Venturi:   0.615" No-Go
722.4.2 Throttle Bore:   0.751" No-Go
722.4.3 Emulsion Tube:   Must remain stock.  0.066" No-Go Minimum length 1.092 
722.4.4 Low Speed Idle Jet:   Non Tech
722.4.5 Main Jet:   0.042 No-Go
722.4.6 Throttle Shaft:  Minimum Diameter 0.115"
722.4.7 Butterfly:   Minimum Thickness  0.037
722.4.8 Black Phenolic Insulator Plate:  Must be in place between carb and block. Plate hole is non-tech, but must maintain OEM shape. Fuel bleed off slot must be unaltered. OEM thickness must be maintained at .257 minimum
722.4.9 Clone Restrictors:  
722.4.9.1 Junior I  one hole  0.425 No-Go ARC green
722.4.9.2 Junior II  one hole  0.550 No-Go ARC blue


722.5 Fuel Pump:  Any pulsed type fuel pump is allowed. Fuel pump must be pulsed from the valve cover, crankcase or side cover. 


722.6 Air Filter:  Any air filter allowed


722.7 Air Filter Adapter: Maximum Length  1.375"


722.8 Engine Block and Side Cover

722.8.1 Block: Decking of the block is permitted
722.8.2 Crankshaft: OEM crankshaft only, no modifications. Journal diameter 1.168” min. 1.180” max.
722.8.2.1 Governor: Governor and governor components are non tech. Removal of governor drive is allowed
722.8.3 Connecting Rod: OEM connecting rod only. OEM rod bolts only. Honing is allowed but must maintain factory defined edge. New Stock Performance cast rod allowed.
722.8.4 Wrist Pin: Overall Length 2.100” minimum, inside diameter .550” maximum
722.8.5 Bore:   Maximum Bore  2.685"
722.8.6 Stroke: Maximum Stroke 2.133” +/- 0.010. Push piston down to take up rod play. Check stroke from BDC to TDC.
722.8.7 Side Cover:   Side cover must be OEM, no machining allowed. Gaskets must be OEM configuration and are non tech. Sealer may be used.


722.9 Piston and Rings:
722.9.1 Piston:   Piston must be unaltered OEM only. Standard bore is 2.685" maximum. Arrow on top of piston must be pointed toward valves / lifters
722.9.1.1 Piston Pop Out: No piston pop-out is allowed. No tolerance is allowed.

722.9.2 Piston Rings: Top ring and middle ring .115” max. width, 0.060 max thickness. Piston rings must be self-supporting in cylinder bore. Oil ring assembly must be self-supporting in cylinder bore when checked installed on piston with connecting rod attached. Rings must be in one piece (unbroken) when presented for tech. Filing of ring end gaps permitted with max Ring end gap of .040”


722.10 Cylinder Head: Must be OEM castings only. Porting and/or grinding not permitted.

722.10.1 CCV: Minimum combustion chamber volume when mounted on engine @ TDC is 26.5 cc’s. Head gasket required, but thickness is non-tech and can be either steel or aluminum. Measurement to be checked at TDC with LAD Tool and must be plum front to back and side to side before submitting fluid.
722.10.2 Head Gasket: Head gasket required, but thickness is non-tech and can be fiber, steel or aluminum. 2 gaskets permitted, to maintain a minimum 26.5cc chamber volume. Sealer may be used on head gasket.
722.10.3 Valve Depth Check: Depth check between the valves in any direction cannot vary more than 0.005”
722.10.4 Valve Seats: Valve seats are of 3 angles, 45 degree face angle with top relief of 30 degrees and bottom relief of 60 degrees. Outside face of valve seat cannot be below floor of combustion chamber.
722.10.5 Inside Diameter of valve seats: Intake = 0.897” maximum, Exhaust = 0.862” maximum .

722.11 Valves: Steel or Stainless steel valves with 45 degree seat angle only are acceptable. No lightening, polishing, grinding or other alterations are allowed. Only OEM or Nitrated Valves are allowed in this class. Upper seals optional, seals may be used on both intake and exhaust, lash cap on exhaust valve only.

722.11.1.1 Intake Outside Diameter: 0.980” minimum,
722.11.1.2 Exhaust Outside Diameter: 0.940” minimum,
722.11.1.3 Stem Diameter: 0.213” minimum
722.11.1.4 Weight: 21 grams minimum


722.12 Valve Springs: Springs must be made of a magnetic material. Number of coils: 4

722.12.1.1 Maximum Length: 1.250”
722.12.1.2 Maximum Outside Diameter: 0.790”
722.12.1.3 Maximum Inside Diameter: 0.650”
722.12.1.4 Maximum Coil Diameter: 0.0715”,
722.12.1.5 Installed Height: 0.815”. Spring shims allowed but must maintain 0.815” installed height,
722.12.1.6 Maximum spring pressure: 10.8 lbs. at .850” and 18 lbs. at .650”
722.12.1.7 Intake Retainer: Minimum thickness 0.225”
722.12.1.8 Exhaust Retainer: Minimum thickness 0.245”


722.13 Rocker Arms: OEM 1:1 ratio steel rocker arms only. Must be OEM rockers.


722.14 Lifters: OEM lifters only

722.15 Camshaft: Stock appearing camshaft cores only with the ez-spin assembly unaltered and in stock condition.

722.15.1 Cam lobe base circle diameter: 0.860” - 0.875” (taken from pushrod)
722.15.2 Duration (taken from pushrod):
722.15.2.1 Intake: 217 - 222 degrees at 0.050” lift, 84/88 degrees at 0.200 lift
722.15.2.2 Exhaust: 220 – 224 degrees at 0.050” lift, 95/99 degrees at 0.200 lift
722.15.2.3 Intake lift at pushrod: 0.215” - 0.225”
722.15.2.4 Exhaust lift at pushrod: 0.222” - 0.232”
722.15.2.5 Intake lift at retainer: 0.238” maximum
722.15.2.6 Exhaust lift at retainer: 0.242” maximum
NOTE: Lift is measured off top of retainer at zero lash.


722.16 Timing Gear: OEM factory timing gear mandatory and must be installed in original location.


722.17 Ignition Coil: Ignition coil must be OEM for all classes, timing is non tech


722.18 Flywheel: Flywheel must be a minimum weight 3.3 lbs. No modification or removal of fins is allowed.

722.18.1 Legal Flywheels:
722.18.1.1 Raceseng RSP-13-075 & 077 Rev Wheel F-S1
722.18.1.2 ARC-6618 and ARC-6619
722.18.1.3 DYNO PVL Boxstock Flywheel
722.18.1.4 King Wheel Billet Steel DJ-168F-16200-A
722.18.1.5 King Billet Aluminum Slipstream


722.19 Exhaust: Multi-stage pipes allowed. Looped pipes (360 degree turns) are not allowed. Pipe (including silencer) cannot extend past rear bumper. Header wrap required for safety reasons. Gasket and/or silicone allowed to seal header pipe to head. Allen bolts permitted on header to head. Pipes must be double nutted or safety wired on at least one stud or bolt
722.19.1 Maximum length: 24” measured thru the inside of the pipe with .250 wide tape measure. Remove silencer and pull tape measure tight, if any portion of the length of the pipe is below 24” – pipe is legal.
722.19.2 Silencer: RLV 4104.or RLV B91 is mandatory with all baffle plates inside and as supplied by manufacturer. Baffle holes .1285” max. Silencer must be supported by clamped on brace.

722.20 Starter: Pull starter must be present and remain stock, angle of installation is non tech. Color and finish of blower housing, valve cover and all sheet metal is non tech.


722.21 Oil Catch Can: Engine oil recovery system required


Posted 03/12/2014

Section 850.2 4 Cycle Sprint Regional Classes

Delete: Masters Class