Technical Bulletins

Note: These PDF's are to determine basic component dimensions and weights not posted in Section 675 Chart. In the event of conflicting specifications the Section 675 Chart's specifications take precedence.


(05-07-09) TaG Leopard Engine Specifications

(06-02-09) Gazelle 60cc engine specifications

(07-06-09) ROKTT Engine Specifications

(07-14-09) Gazelle and mini-swift pistons information

(10-08-09) TaG PRD Engine Specifications

(12-17-09) Tag Motori 7 Engine Specifications

(03-28-11) TaG My09 Leopard Engine Specifications

(01-23-14) PRD Controlled updates (Tech bulletins 18,19, 20)

(02-12-14) Parilla X30 125cc RL-C TaG

(01-27-15) 2015 PRD 125cc Controlled TaG Rules & Addendums

(02-13-15) 2015 X125T 125cc Tag technical information

(02-25-15) 2015 PRD 125cc Controlled TaG Rules & Addendums Revised


Note: These PDF's are for Honda Kid Kart Rules and Updates


(06-22-15) Honda Kid Kart GXH50 Class Information


Section 102.2.1 Rule Change Enactment

Rules go into effect 30 days after being posted on the IKF Website.


2015 Rule Updates


Section 105.1.6 Snell Foundation Specifications
Add: K2010 Legal Until: 12-20-2021


Section IAME Cup
Delete: X125T


Section 301 #12. TaG Heavy

X30 16+ 405#
X125T 16+ 405#


Section 301 #13 TaG Light

X30 16+ 375#
X125T 16+ 375#



Add new Section 700.3.9

700.3.9 Animal and LO206 Throttle Slides for use in Junior l or Junior ll Briggs Animal & Briggs LO206 classes must be unaltered (as supplied by Briggs) when compared to a known legal slide with the same part number. Slide cut-away to be measured on a flat surface, not to exceed .075 No-Go for all Briggs slides. Prior to racing, all karts equipped with a restricted slide  must have unaltered, installed and operational, a carb-lock (part #555726). The carb-lock is to be painted prior to racing so that slide opening cannot be tampered with or changed.
Current slides available through Briggs:  Red (part #555733), Blue (part #555734) Gold/Yellow (part #555741) Purple (part #555735) Green (part #555740)


Section 716.8.1
Change to read: Minimum length to be 2.825”.
Section 717.16.1 Rocker Arms/Push Rods
Change second sentence to read: Rocker arm length must be minimum length to be 2.825”.
Section 719.16 Rocker Arms
Change second sentence to read: Minimum length to be 2.825”.


Section 721.4.2 Fuel Pump
Change to read:  Fuel Pump:  Briggs and Stratton #557033 or #808656 are the only two part numbers acceptable in this application. Fuel pump must be pulsed from the top of the side cover only. Pulse line must be 1/4" I.D. Fuel line must be 1/4" inch or smaller ID. Fuel lines must be run by the most direct route with no excess line anywhere in the system. Return fuel line from the pressure side of the pump is not allowed.



Replace Section 721.5.6 with:

Standard Throttle Slide (Part #55559): Throttle Slide must be B&S stock Unaltered. Minimum length from top edge of the slide to the deepest part of the cut away is 1.148”.
Slide cutaway to be measured on flat surface. 0.075" No-Go.



Add Section 721.5.6.1

Recommended Junior 1 Throttle Slide:  Part # 555734 (Blue Slide).   Slide must remain unaltered. Minimum length: 1.520 when measured from the cut-out to the top of the slide with a digital/dial caliper. Stock needle marking BGB required. Blue Slide opening 0.520 maximum opening between slide & carb venturi, measured with the air filter removed, carb lock must be in place & unaltered. Tracks may run under a different Local Option rules, using different slides.


Blue slide (part #555734)


Section 721.9.1 Rocker Arms
Change second sentence to read: Minimum length to be 2.825”.


Section 721.16.1
Change to read: Maximum valve spring length is .940". Wire diameter is .103" to .107",

measured in three places on the spring. Inside diameter of spring is .615" minimum

to .635" maximum.

See Briggs & Stratton PDF here