Technical Bulletins

Note: These PDF's are to determine basic component dimensions and weights not posted in Section 675 Chart. In the event of conflicting specifications the Section 675 Chart's specifications take precedence.


(05-07-09) TaG Leopard Engine Specifications

(06-02-09) Gazelle 60cc engine specifications

(07-06-09) ROKTT Engine Specifications

(07-14-09) Gazelle and mini-swift pistons information

(10-08-09) TaG PRD Engine Specifications

(12-17-09) Tag Motori 7 Engine Specifications

(03-28-11) TaG My09 Leopard Engine Specifications

(01-23-14) PRD Controlled updates (Tech bulletins 18,19, 20)

(02-12-14) Parilla X30 125cc RL-C TaG

(01-27-15) 2015 PRD 125cc Controlled TaG Rules & Addendums

(02-13-15) 2015 X125T 125cc Tag technical information

(02-25-15) 2015 PRD 125cc Controlled TaG Rules & Addendums Revised


Note: These PDF's are for Honda Kid Kart Rules and Updates


(01-29-14) Honda kid kart GXH50 Class Information


Section 102.2.1 Rule Change Enactment

Rules go into effect 30 days after being posted on the IKF Website.


2015 Rule Updates


Section 301 #12. TaG Heavy

X30 16+ 405#
X125T 16+ 405#


Section 301 #13 TaG Light

X30 16+ 375#
X125T 16+ 375#



Add new Section 700.3.9

700.3.9 Animal and LO206 Throttle Slides for use in Junior l or Junior ll Briggs Animal & Briggs LO206 classes must be unaltered (as supplied by Briggs) when compared to a known legal slide with the same part number. Slide cut-away to be measured on a flat surface, not to exceed .075 No-Go for all Briggs slides. Prior to racing, all karts equipped with a restricted slide  must have unaltered, installed and operational, a carb-lock (part #555726). The carb-lock is to be painted prior to racing so that slide opening cannot be tampered with or changed.
Current slides available through Briggs:  Red (part #555733), Blue (part #555734) Gold/Yellow (part #555741) Purple (part #555735) Green (part #555740)



Replace Section 721.5.6 with:

Standard Throttle Slide (Part #55559): Throttle Slide must be B&S stock Unaltered. Minimum length from top edge of the slide to the deepest part of the cut away is 1.148”.
Slide cutaway to be measured on flat surface. 0.075" No-Go.



Add Section 721.5.6.1

Recommended Junior 1 Throttle Slide:  Part # 555734 (Blue Slide).   Slide must remain unaltered. Minimum length: 1.520 when measured from the cut-out to the top of the slide with a digital/dial caliper. Stock needle marking BGB required. Blue Slide opening 0.520 maximum opening between slide & carb venturi, measured with the air filter removed, carb lock must be in place & unaltered. Tracks may run under a different Local Option rules, using different slides.


Blue slide (part #555734)